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We are specialists in extending and refurbishing Residential and Commercial Properties!

You want the job done on time and on budget?
  • This is our priority!
You want good communication?
  • We keep you informed every step of the way from conception to completion!
You want the best results?
  • Our team of skilled craftsmen deliver top quality workmanship with attention to detail!
You want the property clean and tidy?
  • We tidy the job daily and carry out a free full clean on completion!
You want some great ideas?
  • We have an eye for potential within your property and can help visualise what you wish to achieve!

Clients References

Mr & Mrs, B Boughton Northampton

The project was managed by Mick Finch, his hands on approach provided us with the confidence all would be well. This confidence was not unfounded, he did an excellent job. Our opinion as to workmanship, skill, cleanliness, politeness of staff and general communication was very good.

Mr & Mrs W, Auctioneers Way Northampton

We were very impressed by all the workers but especially Vitek the Builder & James the plasterer. We were also very pleased that the work progressed at a very good rate and without breaks.

Our overall opinion of the contract, the skill and workmanship, politeness & cleanliness of staff and the general communication was excellent. We would recommend them to friends.

Mr & Mrs P, Moulton Way North

I found the staff to be very considerate and pleasant and any concerns were always listened to and reassurances given and the work was carried out with the minimum of disruption and as speedily as possible.

Our opinion as to the workmanship and skill of the tradesman was excellent. We would recommend them to a friend.

Mr & Mrs H, Orchard House Pitsford Northampton

Our opinion as the the work carried out for us along with the skill of the tradesman, their cleanliness and general communication was very good and we would recommend them to friends.

The above clients hand written references can be seen along with a visit to some of our recent contracts.

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